Sunday, January 15, 2006

Walking in a winter Donkey-land

After the beautiful sunrise this morning we did go out for a walk "somewehere" like Mrs. CS predicted. Dressed up in ski suits (we don't ski at all, but it looks impressive!) we took a drive towards Langenbruck. Langenbruck is a nice, small regional ski area, about half an hours drive from our place. Obviously many people had decided to go for some skiing, snowboarding, sledging or walking in Langenbruck which showed by crowded parkings. We had the luck of finding a parking close to the ski slopes (thanks for leaving Mr. BMW from Aargau) so we didn't have to walk too far to get to the piste to go up the walking path along side the slope.

Remember, we only wear ski suits, we don't ski. Armed with the DV camera and the photo camera, we walked up hill for about 30 minutes and there it was: winter Donkey-land! In the middle of the hills there is a small farm and outside we saw 2 cute donkeys: mother and daughter. Of course we had to capture this sweet "couple".

We walked up until we came at the second station "Obere Wanne" and stopped at the kiosk to have a coffee and a hot dog. Unfortunately the terrace wasn't open yet. Probably to early in the season where the sun is still too low to lighten up the seating area outside. As it was also busy in the kiosk we didn't stay very long and started our way back. Thank you Lord! Walking back means going down hill! I must admit, that after 20 minutes of walking down hill, I felt my calves building up tension. Mrs.CS was better off than me. All the training she enjoyed after the knee operation has built up her muscle condition. On the last stretch down we met this very affectionate young cat (sorry, no picts available!). She was begging for attention, rewarding our caresses with loud purring. For a moment we thought she would follow us until we reached the car, but she decided otherwise...there's no place like home! Luckily she chose to stay as our big black panther would not have accepted a cute red cat as competition in the house (I guess...)

While we drove back we had the great idea of enjoying our afternoon drink in the garden by the warmth of the Caminero. That meant we needed wood, but that is absolutely no problem in our region. Most gas stations sell wood for the fire place, so this was an easy job: just pick up some wood on the way home. Well folks we did it, we set up the Caminero, took out two chairs and enjoyed the fresh outdoors life by the warmth of our mexican friend burning the logs. Now it got to cold (the caminero is not big enough to bring more warmth). We're back inside and start preparing dinner soon. Have a nice evening!


Expat Traveler said...

Very interesting travels. I at times wish I had gone up there to the mountain. The only problem is going as one isn't all too fun. Well I can read it at least. :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Aaww. That's a pity. I was here all the timy!...Only without the blog. Did you blog back then (when you were in Switzerland) as well?

Rob7534 said...

I am loving all the pics you post on your blog!

No smores by the Caminero? :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Rob - Thanks for dropping by. Nope, no smores, but I guess the glass of bubbly was also a good idea.