Monday, December 24, 2007

An Orange Christmas poem

On the 24th December in Christmas Eve’s glow,
Santa pushes his boots, through two feet of snow.
The reindeers are striking, they’re letting him down,
He’s carrying his bags all over town.
He’s feeling depressed, the man dressed in red.
No smile on his face, he’s feeling real sad.
His muscles are aching, his back starts to hurt.
He has no one to talk to, this is really absurd.

What has happened, where is the cheer?
What happened to Rudolph, his loyal reindeer?
The elves worked real hard, all year round
But also they left, without a sound.
“Have I been rude, have I pushed them too hard?”
I got cramps in my stomach, I think I must fart
“I think this is awful, I think it’s a shame
Letting an old man walk, this is really lame”

“I’ll check and go find them, to make my excuse,
I must have them with me, or else it’s no use.”
“To celebrate Christmas the way it is right now
I could go throw darts or start milking a cow.”
“I need my dear friends, loyal by my side,
Only then I can show up, with dignity and pride”
“We all need our family and all of our friends
Partying and singing, holding each others hands”

“What do I see, do I see alright?
Eight sets of hoofs leading on in the night”
“I think I can find them if I follow the trail
I must be real close, I see a waggling tail”
“Oh yes, I can see them, all eight in a row,
They’re moving ahead, but they’re moving real slow”
All of the reindeer have their heads hanging down,
On each back sits an elf with a devilish frown.

They’re forcing the reindeer to walk down south,
Away from the North Pole, to fish for some trout.
What has gotten into them, are they out of their mind?
I need my crew with me, a replacement I can’t find.
I’ll teach them a lesson, those wicked elves,
Transform them into reindeer, so can walk themselves!
The magic spell is spoken, Santa speaks it out loud
The elves are surprised by a big silver cloud.

Santa is laughing, and while his magic is spread,
The reindeer start relaxing and lift up their head.
Donner starts smiling, Dancer lifts up a hoof,
“Hey there dear Santa, let’s go hit the roof!”
Rudolph breaths heavy, he’s ready to roll,
Blitzen gets impatient, “let’s go on patrol”
Then comes the sleigh as if it all was planned,
To ride out for Christmas with all good intend.

There the team goes, with their captain in red,
High through the sky, while we sleep in bed.
Nobody noticed which dangers we face,
If only the elves would have won their race.
So enjoy the Holidays with all that are dear,
Bring positive thoughts all through next year.
Be happy, be healthy, let the candles burn,
May all your positive thoughts be your reward in return.

Have an Orange X-Mas everyone and all the best wishes for the New Year to come from CS and me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Straight, no chaser

These guys are just amazing! Enjoy and thank you Xmichra!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Who said you needed sport to stay fit?

This weekend, Orange-X drove to Holland to see his daughter before Christmas and that left me alone at home and busy as a bee. Of course, I could have gone with him, but since we only have the weekends to really prepare for Ma and Pa's visit over Christmas, I decided to stay here and take care of a few things. Plus, the older he gets, the more it stresses Dale when we both leave.

On Saturday, O-X woke me up at 6:20 am so that I could at least enjoy a coffee and a short chat (as far as my brain works at that time of day!) with him before he left for a 6 hour drive. I was thinking of going back top bed, but decided otherwise. I went through a few blogs, had 2 more coffees and by 9 am, I was already washing our drapes and looking through our Christmas decorations. While the one set of drapes was in the machine, and armed with a bucket of vinegar water, a cloth and the wiper, I started cleaning the windows and the sills (heck, why didn't I do the walls, while I was at it!). In between washes, I vaccumed and hung up a few Christmas decorations and cleaned some more. My Mom gave me a call while I was doing the dining room windows. While my whole upper body was hanging out the window to clean the outside with the cloth in one hand and my Mom (the phone) in the other, people walking along the woods nearby stared at me, shaking their heads, probably thinking I was insane. I wish someone had taken pictures. It must have been a funny sight.

This past week, we've had quite a few stormy days and regular rain showers, so that whatever leaves were still left in the bushes left and right from our (15 m2) backyard, they were all scattered in our backyard. As a matter of fact, quite a few had found their way to the stairs that we use daily, leading to the courtyard and were dangerously wet and slippery. So today, I spent a good part of the afternoon in the garden picking up about 150 litres of wet(!) leaves that I carried out to the green recycling bin. To relieve my aching muscles from the unusual body movements (don't tell me you hang out the window once a week to clean, do you?), I decided to throw in a few washes.

I think I've done my share of exercise for the weekend and am now enjoying a nice glass of prosecco while listening to Christmas music. Uhm! What were weekends meant for again? Please, someone remind me?

What will your true love send you?

A quizzie that I borrowed from Xmichra.

I'm just wondering whether the glam rockers and the yodeling ladies will get along, or not.

For the twelve days of Christmas, your true love will send you:

Twelve glam rockers drumming

Eleven christmas trees a-twinkling

Ten gymnasts a-leaping

Nine ladies yodeling

Eight sheep a-milking

Seven hot chocolates a-steaming

Six Santas a-hohohoing

Five golden toe rings

Four calling secret admirers

Three French chefs bearing escargot

Two bottles of whiskey

And a fairy in a olive tree

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How do you greet an expat for the first time?

Yes! Finally, and thanks to the TBFs, we got to meet Sal from the “Fat Sal's Smoking Lounge” blog (formerly known as “Sal’s virtual tapas bar”) in flesh and blood. We had arranged for this meeting a few weeks ago already, and we were both really excited. We decided to meet at the Brauner Mutz, one of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in Basel.

Sal and TBFs had lunch there, but we had agreed we’d meet them later. Around 2.00 pm, we walked in and saw that “perfect bald head” and knew immediately where we had to go. We sneaked up behind their table (that was thankfully covered by a half wall and lots of green plants). O-X, armed with only a camera, took this first shot. Just for the record… I think this guy smells that there is a camera 100 yards away! Really! How can a guy pose like that in the blink of an eye/flash??

So how do you greet an expat that you know from blogging and see for the first time? Well, Sal stood up and said “Hi. I’m Sal”, to which I kinda responded: “Hi. I’m CS”. And there we stood… not knowing what to do. How embarrassing! As good Swiss citizen, I extended my hand, inviting him to take it and then wanting to pull him towards me (naughty girl!) for the mandatory 3 Swiss kisses. And then, he catches me off guard by just opening his arms to hug me. Although my plan was ruined, it was a very warm welcome greeting indeed!

We had a beer, chatted a bit and decided to leave the restaurant to walk a few steps through Basel, lost Mrs TBF (she had informed us that she still needed to get a few things and prepare the rest of the dinner and would “jump-off”), took the ferry across the Rhine, had another beer and chatted some more. Thank goodness we had the chance to chat a bit with him before “the party”! You’ll understand as you read. :)

Since TBF also still had a quick vacuuming in mind before the other guests arrived, Orange-X and I decided to stroll through the Christmas market and join them later.

We arrived (like any good Swiss) five minutes before the expected time. Sal was helping set up the table and we had nothing to do. We tried not to stand in the way. Soon enough, the doorbell rang and the other guests arrived. Full house! Seven adults and 3 kids: The TBFs, Sal, Rammy, John and their son Oliver, Andy, Di and their two off springs, Ali and Sam, and us. Chit-chat, chit-chat: My head was already spinning and at some point, I asked Sal: “Is this what you had expected?” Sal’s answer went something like: “Uhm, yeah. It’s pretty much what I expected.” I wonder if he meant the cross chatting, or the champagne. Sal?

Mrs. TBF had cooked an excellent meal again, but much too much (to our luck… we were hoping for leftovers!), and it was De-Li-Cious! First a chick pea soup, then meatballs, filled conghilie (large pasta shells) with light tomato sauce, fennel and a beautiful assortment mushrooms. Of course, I just had to fill my plate (that I couldn’t finish!), but I did have a bit of Tiramis├╣ that Rammy had brought later on. Yummy!

During dinner – even for us – it was difficult to follow all the different conversations that were going on, but let me tell you, it was very lively, fun, entertaining and interesting. We had many laughs … Andy even tried to get TBF to work again. Now THAT is a conversation you would have enjoyed! Of course it was full of jokes! What did you expect? Just look at the pictures!

We had a last few drinks … (yes, we were again the last to leave *sigh*. Will we ever better ourselves?) and left short before 2am. But you know what? We never got the “green fairy”. My fault…. I forgot to ask. Sorry, Sal.

We had a great time again, and Sal? Next time we meet, it will be in Chicago, or in Nova Scotia (this is a joke between Sal ‘n me, okay?) ;) What do you say, Sal?