Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thank you, Christina

Thanks to a fellow blogger - and Canadian - , Christina, I was able to change the header of my blogspot in no time.

I'm usually the one who reads through manuals and find out things by trying out until I get it right, or "leaning by doing". I hate to have to ask "How do I do that?" - unless I'm REALLY under pressure. I'm always the first to help, but I know of a few people at my work who are just too plain lazy to even open one of these manuals or click on the "help" menu. In those particular cases, I'll be the first to say RTFM! (a.k.a. "read the f*cking manual!")

I've been wanting change my header for a while and thought that once it would really started to bug me, I'd dig into it. Well, this time, someone was quicker than I was and asked, and Christina gave simple step by step instructions.

Thank you Christina, for sharing your HTML knowledge with us and making our "blogger lives" so much more colourful. I know you must have spent hours studying your template and fiddling around until you found it. You may have cold hands, but you do have a warm heart.

PS: Love reading your blogs.


Michael said...

So you're not gonna tell us how you did it?

It looks very nice!

christina said...

Oh, that looks very pretty! I'm so glad it worked out. The thing that actually took me the longest was sizing the picture right.

Expat Traveler said...

I want to know too! Actually I'm not totally sure it will work because I'm working on a css - cascading style sheet which is not mine. I see which line has to be changed and can even think of a few ways to do that - ie Flicker - but I'm a bit hesitant right now to just try it as I don't want the blog to be messed up. Maybe I'll see what overriding the darn thing does...

I'd love to know the steps... (too)

CanadianSwiss said...

Michael /Expat- Ok, you win.

Christina - I hope you don't mind. As for finding the right size, I can understand that it took the longest. Ususally, if you righ-click a picture and go on prefences, it will tell you the pixel size. I tried that, but it just showed me info about my Blogspot url address.

I also had a look in the HTML format, but couldn't find any picture sizes there either.