Friday, January 20, 2006

Is it a bird??? Is it a plane???? No it's...The Ghost Miracle!

Surprise! This is me according to the "Super Hero Profile"

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Ghost Miracle
Your Superpower is Soul Sold to Devil
Your Weakness is Airsickness
Your Weapon is Your Ether Ring
Your Mode of Transportation is Hovercraft

Apparantly I am "blessed" with the best of both worlds. How on earth did that stupid machine know I sold my soul to the devil?!? ;-) But on the other hand, the combination of the outcome is not very intelligent. Why the h*ll should I travel by Hovercraft while suffering from Airsickness? Aaah, I get it! The ether ring will help me pass out before getting airsick. Hope I'm not the designated pilot....but okay, if I am the Ghost Miracle what could possibly ever happen to me? Any ideas??? Now I am just curious to read what kind of Super Hero you are. Don't be shy, it just take the chance to find out and let me know, okay?

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