Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ahhhh... Finally!

... I get to my beloved blog. After 2 comments from fellow blogger - Expatraveler and TBF - asking me to finally update my news (!!!) -OKAY, I got the message!

BTW.:Hey guys, I work my 9-10 hours a day! All right then... If I can bitch, you can too. :-)

No really. I (we) had a very busy week and I just managed to comment other blogs and was too tired/lazy to write one of my own (Mrs. TBF will understand that.) But hey - I do write looooong blogs! Uhhm. Does that help?? ;-)

Fast forward to today. I got up at... yes ... at 7:45 am and just couldn't sleep anymore (And that on a Saturday! I have must have a problem!). Anyway, I slumbered down to the kitchen - I was still not really awake - and pressed the button for a heavenly coffee... and a second and a third. Then I checked my mail and the blogs - God fobid my trying to write anything that early. So I tried to read myself through some of my favourites - which by the way, were not all that different than the day before!!! ;-) - and then OrangeX came down.

He reminded me that we had friends from Holland on skiing holidays in Switzerland that would drop by for a cup of coffee on their way back. Peter and Suzanne made it around 11:00 am and we had more coffee - no wonder I'm having trouble to write! - and a bit of bread and cold cuts. After they left (1:00pm or so) we did the groceries - yeah, go on... Not interesting - and stacked everything away. Hmmmmm. What now? Go into town?? No! They had this official demonstration going on and I certainly didn't want to get stuck in the middle of a randalizing mob! No thanks!

So we decided to go for a walk through Mulhouse. It was cold and windy, but beautiful. I realized that I hadn't been there in such a long time (I'm talking years, here.) Here are a few pictures of the town hall and the cathedral as well as lovely old buildings around the main square. It was pretty cold and windy, so we kept going into small shops to warm up. We walked for a good 2 hours or so, but really enjoyed seeing this city again. We'll be back for more.

Right now, Orange is preparing a lovely Pork Sate with Nasi Goreng and a hot peanut sauce (that will certainly burn twice - if ya know what I mean), so I'll let you read and comment. Note to my readers: OrangeX is Dutch with an Indonesian background. His Mom (a.k.a. just "Ma" -I adore her) is the best cook I know! And wait 'till you meet the rest of the family!

I hope to get back to you with more soon (oh yes, it's my Dad's birthday tomorrow), and I still have to make him a special card and a special blog on this occasion.


Expat Traveler said...

Hey CS - I'll send you an email to let you know how to link to mrs. tfb's post.

I woke up at 630am and couldn't sleep. :( I work at home so yes it's easy for me to post more readily. And well I haven't been doing enough of my work I should be doing. ;-)

As for Mulhouse - I've only been into the town once. I was sent to seek my visa which I had to find on a street which just didn't exist. The parking meters were only for an hr and I started off in the city center and walked a long while. I made it just 10 mins before the closing. Oh my was that a crazy day! Back in late 2003 or 2004 I believe.

I loved the city and it was just as cold as you probably felt it today. Luckily my nice down jacket came in handy.

And yes I'll be patient for your next post. I know how you feel as P doesn't have the energy to blog much during the week. And I'm well aware you comment on my blog daily...hehe thanks...

Interesting always to find out where people come from ethnically. I'm Norwegen and German, but I think my last name has Austrian roots. I've even got relatives still in Germany that I'd love to visit..

Expat Traveler said...

Sometimes you can also find the link to the post in the title but it despends.

Here's what the link would look like
Mrs. TBF's Post

CanadianSwiss said...

Hey expat - Thanks for your help, but I found out where his permalink was (the # sign) this morning. I was just too lazy last night to search.

Ms Mac said...

So, how was the Pork Sate with Nasi Goreng? Sounds delish!

I think I may have to go and visit Mulhouse one day. I love to walk around different towns just having a look!

CanadianSwiss said...

Ms. Mac - The saté was delicious. Mr. Mac's curry looked great. Ahhh. Food, glorious food!

Mulhouse is indeed very nice and has quite a big pedestrian area with lot's of shops, so don't forget to bring your credit card ;-)

Expat - Hehe, yeah. Mulhouse is a bit chaotic to drive in. Best for me was not having to find anything in particular :-) Beautiful old town though.

The Big Finn said...

What was that demonstration about? We missed it. But, we did notice that there were a lot of people around the train station when we made it back to Basel around 6:30 p.m.

CanadianSwiss said...

TBF - Around 1500 people demonstrated against the WEF, the US politics and for international solidarity. It started around 1:30/2 pm, so I guess it was pretty much over by the time you returned from Strassbourg.

Ginnie said...

As you know, CS, I LOVE these cities--the architecture! So, okay, I've now bookmarked Mulhouse in my mind.

Oh, and yes, your loooong posts definitely count for something :)