Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last days in Vienna

Gosh. I left out part of our day 3! Not willingly, but time goes by so fast when you're enjoying that you kinda loose track. I forgot the lunch!

And what did we not have yet?? Right, a Wiener Schnitzel!! Anyway, we went for a stroll in Wiener Neustadt and had the lunch at a local restaurant called Zum Siegl, which turned our to be pretty good. Schnitzel for all and all for Schnitzel. Yay! After that, we needed to walk a few hundred meters to -ahem! walk off the calories - and suddenly, we faced a beautiful cathedral. I didn't know Wiener Neustadt (pop. 40'000) had one, but they do. You've read the rest of day 3 in my previous post, so I'll just carry on. Hope I'm not too confusing.

Day four of our stay in the Vienna area. We slept in this time. No waking up around 7.30 am. This might sound early to many of you - for a weekend trip - but in my case, I need time - and coffee -to wake up. Otherwise, meet the zombie! Not that I'm in a bad mood, or grumpy, or anything. It's more like my vocabulary in the first hour consists of: "Huuuh?", "Sure. " and "What d'you just say?", and instead of hearing: "Let's visist a winery this weekend", I hear "Let's visit raspberries this weekend". Followed by me saying: "Huuh???!! You want what??". Anyway, so much for the morning moi. After taking an hour or so - and lot's of coffee - to "wake up", take a shower and just hang aound, it was time for lunch again. Pinki cooked us a nice meal and we relaxed a bit, knowing that the night ould be a long one.

Then, one of Christain's (a.k.a Pinki) friends dropped off the food and drinks for the evening party. Now, Pinky has a party room in the cellar that would make many Europeans envious. They just recently repainted and redecorated it, and of course, following precious machines had to be put in place again: An old pinball machine (in perfect working order) - not the new electronic one, I'm talking probably the 70's - a cigarette machine - you don't want to smoke those anymore -, a chewing gum vending machine - you don't want to chew those either - and a very old condom vending machine - you certainly don't want to use those!!... Unless, you like taking big risks!

We set up the cold buffet in the afternoon, brought the drinks down, and soon after that, the first of 35 - 40 guests started arriving. We were celebrating Andrrea's 30th birthday, Pinki's 37th and New Year's Eve.

I won't say much more other tha: It was a great party and I'll let the pics speak for themselves. I crashed on the sofa upstairs around 4.30 - 5.00 am, Orange joined me aroud 7.30 and I think Pinki and Andrea went to bed around 8.00 /8. 30 am.
We can't put up all of the picts, but here are a few.

The day had come where we had to fly back home. Pinki and Andrea took us to the airport, but we promised to return soon.


christina said...

Boy, you guys sure know how to have fun. Everyone should have a friend called Pinki!

CanadianSwiss said...

Yup. We do. Pinki and Andrea are great. Maybe you'll find your "Pinki" just around the corner ;-)