Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend overview

Ahhh, don't you just love weekends? Time to relax and so? On Friday after work and a busy week, Mr. Orange-x and I went to buy our to be Christmas tree: a Nordmann fir. We found it in no time and brought it home, feeling happy and all Christmassy. I'm always amazed to see how the trees are put into this machine and come out looking like a cocoon - neatly tied up in a net for easy transportation.

On Saturday, after the usual groceries, we both had an appointment at the hairdressers, so we drovwe off to Basel. Mr. Orange-X ended up buying 2 bottles of Moet and we had a pre-Christmas drink with Markus, Paolo and their team. At home, we started on decorating the house for Christmas and put up the tree in the stand. By that time, we were starting to feel hungry so we prepared a nice fondue chinoise and decided to decorate the tree on Sunday.

Which we did. We even put on a Christmas CD to help us concentrate on the nitty gritty details of tree decorating. The thing I hate most is untangling the tree lights. No matter how much effort we put into rolling up the lights at the end of the Season, we end up spending 30-45 minutes to untangle them again. Then we take a deep breath, plug the lights in and hope that all bulbs are working. Thing is, if one is defective, the whole chain won't work. If you're lucky, you look through the bulbs one by one and can see if the little wire broken or not. Otherwise, you have to take a new bulb and check through each and every one of the 200 or so sockets until you find the darn thing. If it has to be serial, why can't someone invent a talking bulb that says: "Change me, change me!"?This year, we again held our breath and... 1..., 2..., 3... all the little lights went on! YES! So we spent the afternoon decorating the tree and ... Tataaaaa! Here it is!

Before ...

... and after.

Now, we're enjoying the lights, the scent of the fir and just relaxing. Only thing missing is snow outside and an open fireplace. But Mr. Orange-X is going under the solar lamp!! Also nice :-)

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Expat Traveler said...

ah boomer is so cute. I guess he's just a festive outside bear.