Saturday, December 03, 2005

Busy and expensive Saturday

Today, I woke up at - believe it or not - 7.30 am!!! And THAT on a sacred Saturday!!?!! Anyway, since Mark was still softly snooring away, I decided to exchange the "tossing and turning in bed" for a good, hot cup of coffee (from my Jura machine, of course).

Mark finally joined me around 8.30 and we started to plan our activities for the day. We left home around 10.15 and went straight to Ikea in Pratteln to look for a few small things and pillows. Now I expected a Swedish company - even if it's not an expensive store - to have good quality pillows, but the most expensive being around CHF 40.- and having only max. 60% of down feathers, I thought to myself:"No way. I need to get my sleep without getting up with cramps in my neck and shoulders!" So, we crossed the street and went to Möbel Pfister, a trendy furniture and accessory store, and we found our brand new pillows! Then we noticed that the pillows has other dimensions than the ones we already owned. Hmmm. No problem. We'll just buy a few pillow cases that will fit the duvet cases we already had. Let me tell you something... When Mark and I go shopping and come into a rage, we buy. Anyway, we ended up buying 2 new pillows, 4 pillow cases (neutral to go with what we have), two complete sets of cases (for pillows and eiderdown quilts) , 3 vases and when the lady at the cash summed up our new belongings, we were over CHF 1'000.00! Wow! That went fast! But then again, it's Switerland. Eventhough I've been living here for about 20 years, I still sometimes get shocked by the costs of living.

After getting over that shock, we drove directly to our haidresser's, Markus (also very close friend of ours). Earlier that morning, I calld Paolo - Markus' boyfriend and our ex-caretaker- and got myself an appointment for a massage. I was in heaven for 45 minutes! I won't go too much into details, but the experience of meditative music - not really into that, but there, it works! - the delicate scent of the oils and relaxing while getting kneated (not for sissies!)... Well, like I said, HEAVEN! I'm sure that you've noticed in the previous lines that Makus and Paolo are a gay couple, so you ladies needn't be afraid of any advances. Also to the men in the Basel region - no worries! Mark's been there, too and no problem! Not all gay men are after everything that has three "legs".

After that, we went to Sam's to get a Dürüm and did a little more shopping and groceries. Now, I'm blogging and having a nice glass of prossecco before dinner.

Nicest thing of today are definitely the massage and looking forward to sleeping on a brand new pillow. Ahhh, life sucks, doesn't it?


pinki said...

hi my friends in switzerland! it´s good to know, that we (andrea and me) are not alone with this "shopping problem" - we both like shopping a lot. and i´m sure, that you will find some places for shopping on your trip in good old austria! at the moment "your rooms" at the basement get ready (new colour, new furniture and so on). i´m sure you´ll like it. big hug from andrea & me, we´re looking forward 2 c u soon

CanadianSwiss said...

Hi Pinki und Andrea. Wir freuen uns sehr auf Euch, Wien und natürlich auch Shopping!
We're both really looking forward to see you, visit Vienna and of course, to some serious shopping!