Sunday, October 21, 2007

Keyword searches

I love reading through keyword searches and here a few I recently found in my stats counter:

  • the value of salt and gold in 2007 - This one obviously lead the person to one of our Salzburg trips
  • musik orangex - Looking for a Dutch band, maybe?
  • counting sneezes - You have to look up the web for that?
  • had a white dental filling and its too high can this be fixed - Can a filling be too high??
  • fridge makes a buzzing sound and click - In that case, I'd suggest getting a new one.
  • sound guys tell me my guitar is buzzing blue light - What did these sound guys smoke?!
  • blue light bouncing sightings - Must be the sound guys from above
  • buzzing sound in my ovation guitar - Is there a blue light, too? I'm starting to wonder if this and the previous two searches were written by the same person
  • 101 things to do to annoy people at a theme park - Pull the plug out of one of the rides?
  • zurich airport christmas gifts - Much too expensive!
  • cat muscle spasms while purring - Maybe Dale can answer that one.
  • nicest montreal girls massage - Hey! This is a clean blog, buddy!

Did you have any interesting keyword searches lately?


Ginnie said...

What a riot, CS. I'll have to go look at mine and see if I can top those. :)

Expat Traveler said...

Lol - those were all too funny. I'll have to check out mine, haven't had the time..

And by the way, how is captn dale doing?

Jul said...

Here's one I got today:

do teenage boys where underwear under their swimsuit

christina said...

Yes, but I keep forgetting to write them down! Must pay more attention. Yours are really good.

CanadianSwiss said...

Ginnie/ET: I'm looking forward to reding what you found ;)

Jul: LOL! Nice one. I even think I know which one of your posts it referred to.

Christina: I just check once in a while and copy/paste the good ones in a word file.

CanadianSwiss said...

ET/Ginnie: Oops! I meant "reading", not "reding".

Oh, and ET, I think Dale will be up with a post soon. He's been lurking around my laptop again ;)