Sunday, June 17, 2007

Game, Set, Match... or I'll feel it tomorrow

Yes. Orange-X and I went to play some tennis today. Not together though. I mean, we didn't play on the same court.

Last week, our lovely neighbour Di was playing a game of ping-pong (right outside our backyard) with her daughter, Alie, and we started chatting. She was hoping to find someone who played tennis, but was not competitive and would not count points. I'm not really into tennins, but I love running after a ball, whether it's out or not. Just for the fun of it, you know? I like to be competitive with myself, but when I do a sport for fun, I hate it when others expect me to be perfect.

We decided to book a few courts last weekend, but because it had rained so hard, the indoor court were booked-out, so we moved it to this Sunday, 3pm. Today was THE day. After taking Harry and Brenda back to the airport (more about our weekend later this week), we met Andy, Di, Rammy and John for a game of tennis. Andy, Rammy, John and O-X played a double and Di and I made our way to a court far away and isolated from all others. The Kids, Oliver, Alie and Sam, had a court of their own court to play on.

We had a great time. Di and I just had plain fun not counting points and I sweat so much, but it felt so good. O-X enjoyed playing a more "spicy" game with Andy winning the first set 6:4 against John and Rammy, and loosing the second 6:3.

Guess what? We're going back next weekend for another game and I have now acquired my first tennis racket! I'm proud of myself and I'm so happy to have found a tennis partner with whom I can just play for the fun of it. I still have to work on my controll over the ball and the strength I use (I love to really whack it and then it's gone, never to be found again), but all in all, I might even have a hidden talent. Who knows?

I can tell you one thing though. I'll be suffering for the next few days, but that's ok. Maybe next time, OX can take pictures, showing me off as the clown of the courts (not in a negative way - I just like to fool around).

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Ex-Shammickite said...

WOW... tennis! We have free tennis courts just a 5 minute bike ride away, but I am ashamed to admit I haven't taken advantage of them so far this year. However, I went to the golf driving range today.... but let me tell you, Tiger Woods has nothing to worry about!

Ginnie said...

I had to LOL while reading your post (and Ex-S's comment), CS! You and I would make a great pair because I like to work hard without having it count (yet) since I'm not that good. Well, if you play only a handful of times in 62 years, what do you expect, right?! :)

So glad you've found a way to let off steam. You go, Girl!

Haddock said...

Tennis is good fun, but I was no good at it. Its good fun doing some sport! :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Ex-Shammi: Although my Dad owns a golf course, I could never hit that darn small ball.

Ginnie: Let off steam is good! HA! I was steaming!

Haddock: I'm no good at it either... Why do you think we didn't count the points ;)

christina said...

Oh yes, pictures please! Then we can all live vicariously through you. I am the world's worst tennis player. :-)

Rob7534 said...

Ah! Tennis. You keep this up you'll be playing Wimbledon in no time CS.

Please tell me you will be wearing one of those tiny white tennis skirts... they are very sexy! :)

Haddock said...

Sorry, but I've tagged you for a meme. :p

tinakala said...

I´ve never played tennis. I suspect I´d suck at it anyway, because I can only hit things directly with my hand. So I`ll stick to boxing. And Rob is so right about tiny tennis skirts.

CanadianSwiss said...

Christina: Me and my big mouth! LOL!

Rob: By the time I reach Wimbledon, I'll be ready for the old age home and then I'm not sure the short skirt will look very sexy ;)

Haddock: Allright, I'll be right over.

Tina: If you're good at hitting, just think of the racket as an extension of your hand. I'm sure you'd love it and it doesn't hurt as much as boxing :)