Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meet Cousin Spooky

Is it safe?? CS is in the kitchen preparing dinner, Orange-X is out on a business trip and CS' laptop is open and on. Great stuff! *grinning and rubbing paws*

Ok. When my CS & O-X returned from their trip to Canada, CS took me on her lap and showed me a picture of my cousin, Spooky. Let me tell you, this feline carries his name. He's a real big fella! Spooky big!

Younger Cousin Spooky lives with his humans, CS' cool relatives, Sylvain and Gail, and their daughter Catherine (they apparently hate titles like uncle and aunt). They say that last summer, Spooky weighed about 10.5 kg (23 pounds), but since it was winter and he hates the cold (=doesn't get as much exercise), CS guessed that he probably had a pound or two more on him.

Man! I thought King da Cat (he adopted the TBFs) and I were big! But look at this.
Isn't he awsome!

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Hey guys, let's have a party! King, you follow TBF to his car when he drives to visit Andy and Di, Spooky, you sneak into Catherine's luggage when she comes over to Europe in a few weeks. I'll organise the rest, and bring a few mice and some Iams for you King. *stre-e-e-e-etch*

Oh, fringgin' cat whiskers! Gotta go. I hear CS coming.

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Ginnie said...

Capt'n Dale! You are one party animal, I can tell that already. I bet if you plan it, they will come.

BTW, I totally agree that Spooky is one Big Cat! But we all know that quality is more important than quantity, so just hang in there and hold your own.

Andreas said...

Today we learn a new SwissGerman expression:

Leck isch das en Fetze!

Literally translated it says "lick, is that a scrap" but it actually means "Jeez, look at the size of him".

Capt'n Dale, you da man.

Capt'n Dale said...

Ginnie: I'll wait and see if I get a reply from them. It would be fun!

Andreas: He sure is a "Fetze" Feline. (We met before, haven't we?)

Expat Traveler said...

Captn Dale - I think you learn too much from CS and OX...

By the way, Spooky is huge, he's like 1/4 the size of CS!

Jessica said...

My black cat is called Spooky as well.

Capt'n Dale said...

ET: Oh, don't worry. The learn a lot about me, too. I haven't seen him in real life, but I hope to one of these days.

Jessica: Ohhh... Another Spooky? Is he as big as my cousin? Prrr-rrr

Ex-Shammickite said...

Hi Dale: That Spooky sure is SPOOKY! What a huge armful of furry trouble. And you're actually related to him... awesome! Meiows from my grandkitties Leon and JoJo.

Capt'n Dale said...

Ex-Shammi: Awww. I hear he's a big cuddle freak. I guess I AM related (due to the fact that I adopted OX and CS). Give the grandkitties a lick on the forehead for me, will ya?