Sunday, May 21, 2006

My first meme

Lovely Ginnie gave me.... No, let me put it this way... I took on a meme from her that consists in her giving me a letter – in this case, the letter H – and to find 10 words and to explain why I chose them. Anybody whising to take part in this meme, just let me know in your comments and I'll give you a letter.

So here’ goes:

Hawkesbury: The small town where I was born and grew up in. It lies on the shore of the Ottawa river, right at the boarder of the province of Quebec, has about 11’500 inhbitants and is about halway between donwtown Montreal and Ottawa. Not really exciting, but my home. What I always loved about it is the fact that it’s the 3rd most bilingual town in the province of Ontario. About 70% of the inhabitants are both fluent in french and english, Canada’s two official languages. When I was going to high school, I could choose to take any of my classes in either French or English. A big plus, if you ask me! Unfortunately, they stopped that now.

Holland: I love it because it’s just fantastic and has become part of my life. Of course Orange-X is from Amsterdam, but the country is so full of beauty and life! I have made quite a few friends there (and even had to part with one of them :-( - Eelco, we still think of you) and my Dutch family is there, too. Unlike what Orange says, I find the country very friendly, welcoming and open minded.

Hands: Probably the most fascinitaing of all body parts (okay, you dirty minds, there are others, too! ;-)). Did you know that hands are our chief organs for physically manipulating the environment, from the roughest to the finest motor skills and contains some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the human body??

Humour: I couldn’t live without it. Really! I’ve also been told I have a wierd sense of humour. I can take from black humour to the lightest (and I try to apply all). It’s the thing that keeps me going and the best way to enlighten most situations.

Hamburgers: What I miss most in Switzerland, right after my family and friends. Many expats will agree that McD and BurgerK just can’t reach the “real thing”! I just can’t seem to find the quality of meat (Canadian beef) and buns that don’t crumble once you have put hem on the grill for over 30 seconds!

Hair: You must be thinking: “Huh??”. Well, I had all imaginable colours in my hair from black blue, to red (really red!), to white blond (with exception of pink and purple). Yes, I like to try new things. So, now I have my orange glasses! People change, ya know?!

Halloween: It was my favourite "holiday" of the year when I was a kid. I cared more for the dressing up than for the candies (although also appreciated). I just found that pretending to be someone/thing else for an evening was so much fun!

Harmony: The most important thing in a relationship, but it all start with respect. Once you have that, you'll have harmony. It can also be someting related to music, which is also very important to me. I can't stand disharmony!! It hurts my ears (and my heart)!

Hot foods: I love hot foods! You name it: Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Mexican... As I always say: If it didn’t burn twice, it wasn’t hot! Hot and/or at least, served hot: I can’t stand having a (mild) fish served on a cold plate, either. By the time you take the first bite, the fish is cold! Yuk!
And to finish the meme...

Hug: What is better than getting a nice, sincere hug from a friend? I mean a real squeeze, here. Right??

I send all of you big hugs and hope you have a wonderful week!


Expat Traveler said...

Ah that was such a cool meme! Really that must have taken some thought to do it! I'm not so sure I'm up for thinking of such cool things like you though! I'd agree that Holland is so cool and I do wish I was even more exposed to French when I was younger. I'm still not fluent so it wasn't enough... And well the hair, I swear it's a swiss thing.. ;-)

swissmiss said...

Hy my loved ones.....this is just to remember you that I´m still alive and I´m reading your blog life seems soooo boring if I look at yours...or is it just different? You know what I changed...and I do miss you both sooooo´ve got no imagination....

Ginnie said...

Now I want to give you 100 more letters, CS, in all the languages you know :) This is so delicious, to read what you've come up with. I found myself commenting (in my heart) on every word you chose. Thanks for being a sport :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Swissmiss (Lülü!!!) How nice of you to finally comment! Don't worry, sweetie, I think it's just different. I'm sure that baby Jennifer is keeping you very busy! I'll send you an e-mail later this afternoon. Big hugs and kisses to the family!

Ginnie - My pleasure. And thank goodness our alphabet doesn't have that many letters! And my Japanese is as good as non-existant ;-)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very well done. Very cool list!

CanadianSwiss said...

Thanks, Mr. Fab. :-)