Monday, May 01, 2006

Just another filled weekend

On Saturday evening, we took our my Godson, Julian, and hist best girl friend, Delia, (not to be confused with girlfriend, just his best girl buddy!) out for a belated 17th birthday gift to one of his favorite restaurants , The Boomerang (sorry for the typo in the previous post, Julian). The Boomerang is an excellent Australian restaurant. We picked up the two "kids" at Julians and drove 5 minutes to the restaurant where were warmly greeted by the owners, Linda and Rolf. We forgot the camera, sorry.

Linda's originally from Australia and Rolf is Swiss and they are simply the sweetest people! Our hosts took very good care of us during the whole evening and assured that we had the right wine with our meal, enough water, and that we felt overall well taken care of. Julian, of course wanted the "Filet of Roo" (Kangaroo) as a main course. Orange and I opted for beef tenderloin as main course this time. The meal was delicious and we all enjoyed it. Delia was a bit shy in the beginning, but soon turned out to be a very smart and responisible young woman for her 18 years. I also keep being astonished about Julian: He is such a good kid. At first glance, you'd think: Woah! Where does he come from! I must admit: He is quite tall (about 1 meter 87/88, so almost 6'2"), has long reddish blond hair and a beard. If you nailed him to a cross, you'd thing the Saviour is back.

He's so full of kind thoughts (unlike - sadly - so many youngsters these days) and still fights for a good cause, he's an excellent fencer and very open to new views, he's interested in learning from us "older people" (now when did you last hear of a 17 year old doing that??). He really thinks out of the box for his age. Anyway, we had a fun evening, dropped them of at a local "their age" joint (we thought it better at our advanced age ... ahem... NOT to accompany them and make them feel supervised) round 11:30.

Yesterday, Sunday, we slept in until about 10:30 (luxury!!) and later went for Alie's annual BBQ up on the ridge where we met many friends and aquaintances. Alie is the daughter of one of our expat neighbours and her lovely parents, Diana and Andy, always organize a BBQ for friends and neighbours. We decided to ask Doug (from this post) to join us and meet a couple of our expat friends. Doug is a work colleague from the US who has been living in Switzerland since January 2006 and we thought it would be good for him to get in contact with other expats, too. There were about 100 people there and it was really fun. There was beer, wine, salads, sushi, sausages, hot dogs, marshmellows, etc.

We spent a good part of the afternoon chatting and eating, but around 7.30 pm, it got quite chilly and Doug didn't bring extra clothing to get sufficient protection from the cool wind. So we left, but we did take a (very) few picts.

Okay, I'll have to try later later with the picts. Blogger won't let me again.

Ahhh, finally! A day later, blogger lets me put up a picture!

TBF IS the back row, upfront from left to right: Rammy, yours truly and Mrs. TBF. Don'tyou just love the hat??

And today, we were busy filling out forms for our move to Canada. What?!!! We had a day off today, so we're usin' it!

Have a great week!


xmichra said...

My grandparents live in Montreal and on occassion we travel down that way, so you will have to let me know when you arrive!

It's probably more like your taste to live in Quebec or Onterio. They are much more cultured I find, then us western folk :) Well, BC in the bigger cities is pretty cultured too.

Expat Traveler said...

Well lucky you gettng the day off, but at least you were doing something productive. Those forms, can't they just let you land upon entry!!!!

Babsbitchin said...

sounds like a wonderful evening. It is unusual anymore for a young man to WANT to learn from experiance. Smart!! Oh and tell Your other half hello!

CanadianSwiss said...

Xmichra - Yes, we're planning to be in that region. I'll sure let you know :-)

Expat - It was pretty ok, actually. We did quite a bit of work while sitting on out on the patio... Hehe. I took my laptop out for some fresh air ;-)

Babs - He's really a good kid. Maybe I feel it more because I have no children of my own.

Just another American Expat said...

Did I miss something? You are moving back to Canada????

Well...I'm happy for ya. ;-)

CanadianSwiss said...

Hehe. Yes you did (2 posts back)and yes we are. :-)

We're planning to go back between mid- and end of 2007, depending on the time they need to process our applications.

Ginnie said...

It probably helps that you and Orange-X are pretty "hip." Cool adults to be with, I'm sure, for a kid. I wish I had had grandparents (I had one set but we saw them only once a year, if that)...or, what would have been just as nice, godparents. That's such a neat role for you to play, especially since you have no kids of your own. Good for you!

You almost always make me laugh, CS! I love reading about your escapades, galavanting about and the simplest of things, like taking your laptop out for some fresh air :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Ginnie - You might be right. Because I have no kids, I may be a little easier on the way they think. I may even be somewhat of a kid (still) myself.

Oh. I'll try to ALWAYS make you laugh in the future ;-)

Mr. Fabulous said...

You always seem to have fun filled action packed weekends!

Ms Mac said...

Yeah! What Mr Fabulous said!

CanadianSwiss said...

Fab/Ms. Mac - We have another fun weekend coming up at TBF's. So stay tuned!

Expat Traveler said...

yeah - love the pic!

Haddock said...

Julian sounds a really great
kid, and very switched on. We have an Autralian resturant in Marburg, but we haven't been for ages. I really like Roo steaks and burgers :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Hmmm. Never had roo burgers. I might talk to the owners.