Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update from the Master of the CS-Household (the cat)

Well, there has been plenty going on around here in the past few weeks. Eversince CS & OX returned from Austria, they have been re-working the back yard, running a full work schedule and received my most, newest favorite spot in the house: A new sofa. Soooo comfy! Just look at me. Zzzzzzz!

I'll start with the latter. What do you think? Like it? I love it!! Mostly because it's not as high as the blue sofa set and eases my jumping up (I'm a mature cat, remember?). Then, it's sand coloured and lightens up the living room (and makes my shedded hair more apparent, but they knew that would happen).

For their comfort, they opted for adjustable backrests. Then they have bought this awsome extra seating that you can add and make a double-cuddle corner and just lounge around on. Nothing better than to relax with a fine human body (a fine glass of wine and a loving cat for them) and enjoy a good movie (nap for me). Just see how tiny I look on that huge thing!

We're all very happy with our choice.

Now to the garden. One things OX and CS did was to plant a few more flowers and elevated them a bit on tiles and "feet" to keep the many slugs we have here from devouring the plants.

They also elevated and refilled the corner where the box trees with anthracite grit to give a contrast to new the pots, and closed it with wooden 1x4's. This photo was taken yesterday and they trimmed the buggers only 2 weeks ago! I think they need a haircut again, no? Anyway, both oleanders are doing well, but it will take another few weeks for them to flower. Pictures will follow as soon as they do.

My humans also added three bamboo trees that were set into the old pots and placed at the end of the garden. The sound of the wind softly gushing though them makes my fur stand up. I think they like it, too!

The rhododendron are in full bloom and make me purr every time I pass them. Aren't they beautiful?

Last but not least, CS was given this magnificent bouquet of flowers for her help (see last week's post) with the organization of an international, double department company meeting. She was only deputizing a colleague a week before, so she was pretty baffled when the flowers were given to her, too. The bouquet was so big that OX had to pick her up from work because it was so heavy. What an honour!

All I can say in the name of our household is "Life is good". Let's keep it that way. Last year was more shit than one (or two) could handle. Time for a change, right? As they say in French:"Apr├Ęs la pluie, le beau temps" (After the rain, the sun will shine.)

We have other good new, but that will have to wait until the next post.

Loving purrs to you all,

Dale, the Master of the House


christina said...

Oh Dale, the living room is GORGEOUS! I love it. The garden is looking great too.

And we all know that CS totally deserved those flowers! :-)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Dale... so nice to see that CS has allowed you to put your little furry paws on the keyboard again. I agree, CS & OX made a good choice on the sofa, and I see you are taking full advantage of it! There's nothing better than a "double-cuddle corner" in my opinion. And the garden looks smashing, did you help with the arrangement of the plant pots? Clever kitty!

Anonymous said...

Everything just beautyful and the Garden just smasching.Ist the Gardner for hire I really need one.I am very happy for you two.KH

Dale the Cat said...

Christina: Thanks! We all love the new look and cuddling up, just the three of us, in the corner.

Ex-Sham: It's good to write again. Sometimes I wonder if they didn't choose it just for me. After all, they are working all day and I'm still trying to find my favourite spot on the sofa.

Uhm. The plant arrangement? Not really, but they know that I like a mix of sun and shade. A clever kitty I am, nonetheless ;)

KH: Well, I can only give you one of the gardeners, but to a fair price. The other one has to stay and feed and cuddle me. How about a month's worth of cat food? (my choice, of course)

tinakala said...


Ginnie said...

You da king, Sir Dale! Lucky you. Cat heaven, for sure. And still more good news to come? You are such a tease!!

Dale the Cat said...

Thanks, Tina :)

Ginnie: Cat heaven indeed! I am "da king of da house", but you knew that, of course ;)

Expat Traveler said...

I love the new sofa and it is just what I pictured it to be as you told me... It's just about the same colour as ours...

And the garden, lovely! WE've actually had a month of more sunshine than rain, unbelievable..

Great to know everything is going well for you all...even you Dale!