Friday, February 22, 2008

Do you think you know me?

You must be totally bored with my blog, no? I admit, I've not realy been up to posting lately. Plus, last weekend I had a horrible head/sinus cold. You know, when your head feels like it weighs a ton and, if you turn it too quickly, everything inside your head follows in slow motion and ends up banging on the inside of your skull. When blow your nose and it sounds (and feels)like you're blowing out your brain! I won't go into more details. But I seem to be cured now.

Anyway, to keep my few readers busy until I'm back into shape, I'm offering you.... ME! I saw it on Swenglishexpat's blog and then on Christina's. I must say, this test is pretty accurate. Try it out. However, it will take about 30 minutes to complete, so don't let your boss catch you doing this at work ;) Here's the link:

Just go over the squares with your mouse to see the split. What are your views?

And here are the details:

You are an Inventor

Your imagination, self-reliance, openness to new things, and appreciation for utility combine to make you an INVENTOR.

You have the confidence to make your visions into reality, and you are willing to consider many alternatives to get that done.

The full spectrum of possibilities in the world intrigues you—you're not limited by pre-conceived notions of how things should be.

Problem-solving is a specialty of yours, owing to your persistence, curiosity, and understanding of how things work.

Your vision allows you to identify what's missing from a given situation, and your creativity allows you to fill in the gaps.

Your awareness of how things function gives you the ability to come up with new uses for common objects.

It is more interesting for you to pursue excitement than it is to get caught up in a routine.

Although understanding details is not difficult for you, you specialize in seeing the bigger picture and don't get caught up in specifics.

You tend to more proactive than reactive—you don't just wait for things to come to you.

You're not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you're generally considerate of others' feelings as well.

Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

If you want to be different:

Try applying your creativity to more artistic arenas, and letting your imagination take less practical forms.

how you relate to others
You are Benevolent

You are a great person to interact with—understanding, giving, and trusting—in a word, BENEVOLENT

You don't mind being in social situations, as you feel comfortable enough with people to be yourself.

Your caring nature goes beyond a basic concern: you take the time to understand the nuances of people's situations before passing any sort of judgment.

You're a good listener, and even better at offering advice.

You're concerned with others at both an individual and societal level—you sympathize with the plights of troubled groups, and you can care about people you've never met.

Considering many different perspectives is something at which you excel, and you appreciate that quality in others.

Other people's feelings are important to you, and you're good at mediating disputes.

Because of your understanding and patience, you tend to bring out the best in people.

If you want to be different:

You spend a lot of time taking care of others, but don't forget to take care of yourself!

Sometimes you can get overcommitted, and when you sacrifice spending time with those close to you, it can make them feel unimportant.


Expat Traveler said...

I've haven't wanted to say much either, so I don't blame you but the quiz is interesting. I just don't see myself doing that (30 mins..) haha

CanadianSwiss said...

Aw, c'mon ET! You should really try it. The tools are pretty cool to evaluate yourself ;)

Actually, I could blame my blogging passiveness on the gourgeous, spring-like weather! :)

Ginnie said...

It looks like the kind of test I'd enjoy taking, CS. Maybe after all the busyness of the time right now...once we're back in AMS! I do still expect to see you next month!! I sure hope so. :)

Jay said...

Slightly functional?
That kind of cracked me up.

swenglishexpat said...

Hi CS - it was kind of interesting, wasn't it? And (scarily) close to the truth. I just wonder how they assess masculinity and femininity? I noticed you had "Normal Masculinity" and "Very High Femininity" , whereas I had "Normal Masculinity" and "Slightly High Femininity". I should take that as a compliment, shouldn't I? Am I an honorary woman? LOL
BTW I was also "Slightly Functional". Does that only go for Monday mornings, or what the heck does that mean?

CanadianSwiss said...

Ginnie: Yes, I think you would rather enjoy it. I read the sad news this morning and will go over to your blog right after this. And... You bet you'll see me/us. We'll be arriving on the 20th. I'll send you a separate mail with the details :)

Jay: You bet.... LOL! Every morning from when the alarm clock goes off until about 8:30, or the equivalent of 2 strong cups of coffee ;)

Swenglish: You know, I was wondering about that, too. I think it might just be quite a few things:
a) that you show/live emotions a bit more than other men would,
b) you seem to (want to) understand women better than the typical male (whatever that is)
c) you show some characteristics that are more often attributed to women than men (language skills, taking decisions more on a gut feeling, etc.),
or then,
d) all of he above.

As for the "slightly functional", see my answer to Jay. Maybe you can also relate to that. LOL.

All in all, however, I would take it as a compliment :)

Ex-Shammickite said...

You're getting lazy CS, no posts for AGES!