Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Encounter of the 5th (Bloggers) Kind

Bloggers of a feather blog together (or something like that).

Yesterday was the day where about 25 Swiss-Bloggers met in Basel. TBF, Sara from Life Is Nicht So Mal, Jul from This Non-American Life and moi (sorry if I'm leaving anyone out, but I dealt only with TBF).

We all met at a local restaurant, Zum Braunen Mutz, for lunch. We were the first to arrive (I think the Swiss punctuality got to me after so many years), closely followed by Ashley and Sebastian. Shortly after that, I lost count (and names). It all went so fast. It was so crowded that, at some point, the service could hardly get through to serve the only other two tables that were not reserved for us (Tough! WE reserved. Blah!). In order to recognize each other, we filled in name tags. After about 30 minutes of hello's, we finally all sat down and shortly after, ordered lunch. We chatted here and there, and had a lot of fun.

After lunch, TBF "offered" to guide us through Basel. Unfortunately, he was hoping that I could help him talk about the architecture and history of the buildings. I must admit that I knew a few things in the first 2-3 years (20 years ago!) about Basel's historical buildings, but I haven't played guide in many, many years. Let's just say I had "a senior moment" whenever he asked me for details (honestly, I didn't want to screw-up and give false information). Anyway, we took a nice walk to the town hall, then through the old town, up to the Spalentor (city gate of Basel), then through Petersplatz (well known for the Saturday flea markets and Herbstmesse [Autumn fair]), across the Mittlere Rheinbrücke [middle Rhine bridge], along the Kleinbasel promenade and from there, we took one of the small ferry boats across the Rhine and ended up at the Basler Münster (Basel Cathedral), where we started saying our goodbyes and by the time we were at the train station, there were only 7 of us left. We didn't take many pictures (too busy talkin', I guess), but you'll find some here, here , here and here. Did I miss anybody again? If so, please let me know.

It was really fun to meet so many bloggers on the spot, but unfortunately, some had to leave early and we weren't able to chat with all of them. Apparently, there will be another Swiss-Bloggers' meeting sometime in March in the Zurich area. Feel free to sign up... NOW!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Thanks so much for your kind bloggy comments re Robbie Burns. All I can say is....CHEERS! (raises her glass to toast CanSwiss's health)
Your trip to Basel sounds fab, what fun to meet all those bloggers. I wonder if their blog personalities were reflected accurately when you met them in person??

The Big Finn said...

CS -
I put up a couple of pictures...finally.
Don't worry about your senior moment...nobody remembers that history-stuff anyway!

Jul said...

It was great to meet you! It was a fabulous day all around (with the notable exception of the lack of historical information provided on our tour... :)

Ginnie said...

How fun, CS! I loved checking out the photos on the other blogs. Good for you all. Sounds like what they have done here in Germany the last 2 years. Maybe I'll have a chance to make it here next year, if the timing is right.

Way to go! From one reunion (Canada) to another.

CanadianSwiss said...

ex-shammi: Some, yes, although many bloggers were completely new to me, so it's difficult to say.

TBF: I'll be right there.

Jul: It sure was. :) LOL. And I'm sure that the meeting in Zurich will be better prepared regarding "historical information".

Ginnie: It was my first blogger's meet, but it's definitely an event that I'd attend to every possible time. :)

Babsbitchin said...

Oh, that sounds like soooooo much fun. I'd just die to meet all of you guys. Kiss the X, will ya?

CanadianSwiss said...

Well, Long Island isn't that far away from the Canadian border.

Kissed the X ;-)