Sunday, July 23, 2006

This is what they say about me on Google

Thank to Xmichra for sharing this link. Just type in your name and go. It's fun!

Of course, I had no results with CanadianSwiss, so I had to use my real name. Go ahead; try it. Here are my favourites, and to make it more fun, I added comments.

Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

sandra is very shy – I am. Really! Mwaaaahahhahahaha!
sandra is an excellent way to sum up your system – More likely to screw-up your system.
sandra is the kind of character that immediately strikes one as pretty damn cool – I like this one!
sandra is an ongoing vipassana practioner and shares a course in miracles with whoever is open and willing – I’m impressed! I do miracles, too??
sandra is available to paint your guardian angel – Taking orders starting Monday. No wait. I have to be in Canada then (see below).
sandra is performing in canada on monday – Performing what? U-oh. And I haven’t booked a flight yet. Where in Canada do I have to be?
sandra is sandra and my sandra is female – I’m thankful that, whoever wrote this, noticed.
sandra is freeware for home use only – Now, OrangeX will be happy to read this.
sandra is in "rare" form – “Rare” like uncommon? Is that good, or bad?
sandra is taking physics and it is a disaster – This person knows me well.
sandra is located in a beautiful late 19th century palazzo – This place is nice, but far from being a palazzo!
sandra is to star in this movie, but if it happens, I will let you know – Yes, please do.
sandra is 5' 7'' tall – I wish I were, but only 5’5”
sandra is a 49 – Clothes size?? Wrong again... Make it a 34
sandra is a certified hypnotherapist and provides counseling and therapy for stress reduction – Your eyelids are getting heavier, he-a-v-y...Zzzzzzz.
sandra is a very powerful shareware troubleshooting and diagnostic tool that has the capability to send a system report from your computer to our technicians – Yup. I’ll send everything to Wikipedia.
sandra is an expert in women's hormonal problems and can show you how to overcome premenstrual syndrome menopausal symptoms – Yeah, right. I'm very experienced. I just decided to close down my offices.
sandra is fundamentally a good personFundamentally?!!?!
sandra is a good laugh for me – Who said that?!
sandra is getting what she wants – Well, sometimes I do
sandra is incorrectWhaaaaat? Tssss!
sandra is also visiting senior lecturer in environmental studies at mount holyoke college – Mt. Holyoke?? Where’s that?
sandra is qualified to administer and interpret the myers – Myers?? Is that a band?
sandra is forced to choose between science and the arts – Arts, please.
sandra is eager to spread the message that “creativity and adventure know no boundaries” – Yup.
sandra is not even close to being as pretty as cameron – Hey, I never alleged that either.
sandra is convinced that the charge is false – Of course, I am. I’m innocent. Really.
sandra is a professional at ease with her coaching of voice power that helps a speaker make a lively connection between the speaker and audience – Can you hear me?
sandra is a heart person – Yeeeeessssss!
sandra is a cop who works with chaplin to avoid the red herrings – Red herrings can be very dangerous, you know.
sandra is a unique opportunity to experience the highest level of competence – In what?
sandra is also available for freelance and session work on violin or viola – OMG. I’d better start practising.
sandra is recognized for bridging ancient cross - ???
sandra is an education in itself – I'm more like "a mystery in itself."
sandra is one of the better benchmarking utilities out there – Really? I'm flattered.
*sandra is de perfecte verwezenlijking van fun fearless female van het jaar (sandra is the perfect personnification of the fun fearless female of the year) – Fun fearless Female?? No. No. No. I’m so shy. LOL!
sandra is to star in a new version of the cult musical "the rocky horror show" – A star? I've always wanted to be a star. That sounds like fun. I wonder which role I’m going to get. What do you think?

* OrangeX was kind enough to translate this one for me.


Expat Traveler said...

haha - I don't think I'll go there. Mine was so bad...

Mr. Fabulous said...

Something is wrong. No mention of being glamorous?

CanadianSwiss said...

ET- You have to leave out the bad ones

Mr. Fab- No, but there was one saying that I was fabulous. I left it out in order not to hurt your feelings.

xmichra said...

I had to use my real name too (which was pretty odd since it is not a very common name either!). I didn't leave out the bad ones, but i had some really cool ones that evened everything out. hehe.

CanadianSwiss said...

XM- You had bad ones in yours?? They idn't seem that bad. If I had put mine up, I think I would have gotten a few offers against payment. ;-)

Babsbitchin said...

God bless America those damn red herrings are over there too? They caused a black out in Yonkers, tied up traffic on the LIE and made all flights delayed at LaGuardia just yesterday. Commie bastards!
If I could change my name or when I write my book it'll either be Georgia Blackwell or Sandra something. I've always loved the name Sandra. Kisses sweety!!

traveller one said...

That's very funny- especially your own comments!

Ginnie said...

I laughed out loud the whole way through this BECAUSE OF your added comments, Sandra. I remember looking up my name awhile back. I'll have to go do it again and see if it strikes me as funny. I think YOU'RE funny, which is probably the key :)

CanadianSwiss said...

T1- Nice to have you back. I'm sorry about your loss. I'll be visiting soon.

Ginnie- Thank you. Actually, I thought I did pretty well, too. ;-)

Kieran said...

Just how I've always thought of you.

CanadianSwiss said...

Kieran: Is that good, or bad?