Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our week and cat entertainement

Here's a bit of entertainment while I work on my next posts (coming up in the coming days). Here's a sum-up of what we've been up to this week.

Saturday: OrangeX finalised the move of the company into our building (from 6:30 am until 8pm!). I spent about 6 hours reading through about 55 CV's for him to sort the "Yes'", "Maybes" and "NOTs".

Sunday: Chilling out... I think...

Monday-Wed.: Work, reading more CV's in the evening, not eating before 10pm and creating a birthday card for a friend that *%&&*!!%! wouldn't print out right (read about Jasmine's B-Day party later).

Wednesday evening: Jasmine's Party until 2:30 am

Today- I'm off but we cleaned the house, did most of the laundry, it's beautiful, hot, sticky weather and OrangeX is still going through CV's.

On another note (and to keep you busy), just follow this link. Some of you might know this video already, but I love watching it over and over again. BTW, do I have to download the film onto my harddisk (if not self made) to upload it again on blogger?

Anyway, just enjoy.

PS: Hey, we're off to Holland tomorrow, so stay tuned. More to follow soon. Have a great, sunny weekend!


xmichra said...

just use the embed link that they give you. Normaly i would say download it yourself for bandwidth reasons... but i think Youtube lets you use up theres. You may want to double check with Michael (he uses it more than I do) but I am fairly sure that is how you go about doing that.

Ginnie said...

Busy, busy, busy! Both of you. That must be why you do such a good job at playing! Have a great time in Holland. I like that I can actually picture you there (sort of, since I was in Amsterdam and round-n-about Holland for 2 weeks with Donica eight years ago).

Mr. Fabulous said...

Such a glamorous life!

CanadianSwiss said...

Thanks, Xm. I will check with Michael.

Ginnie - You'll be able to read all about it soon. :-)

Mr. Fab - Reading through 55 CV's, glamourous? C'mon! LOL ;-)

christina said...

(Finally catching up with all the "must read" blogs on my list"

Ha! That's a funny video. I'm not sure you even can download videos from YouTube. You can just use the HTML they give you (in the box to the right of the video)to embed it into your blog entry. I think it's some kind of agreement they have where people can share videos all over the place and link back to them without worrying about bandwidth.

Have a great time in Holland. Like you wouldn't, right? Because you guys always have a great time wherever you go. :-)

Expat Traveler said...

Must watch the video. You are just pulling insane hours. :)

And well hope your trip is great!!!

And yes, I know it's funny about the word s P doesn't know... I need more to say because its so much fun to laugh...

CanadianSwiss said...

Thanks Christina. You seem to have been pretty busy yourself with visitors, huh? ;-) Thanks for the tip. I just haven't really had time to try out things yet.

ET - Insane hours?? Yup. Couldn't live without them ;-) I'm sure you could teach me a few new expressions, too. :-)