Sunday, March 19, 2006

Friends, Good Wines and Glorious Food

Somewhere back in January, we received an invitation for dinner at TBF’s. Unlike us, they plan these events a long time in advance. You’ll understand why later as you read.

Our day started very early (like 6:30 am!!) because we had to go into town to pick up a few things and OrangeX had the glorious idea of getting an appointment to get his hair cut at freaking 8 am! I need time and a couple of coffees to wake up and get ready. Anyway, we found everything we needed: a bag for my brand new laptop (yeah!), a laser mouse (mouse pads drive me crazy), a graphic pen tablet for - of course – graphic work and a few presents for our hosts that evening. After doing a few groceries, I cleaned the garden table, sat outside in the sun and started installing my newly acquired mouse and tablet.

Knowing that it might get late, I decided to take a 20 minute power-nappy late in the afternoon (and was glad I did so). We called a taxi (better safe than sorry) and arrived at the TBF residence short after 7pm. Charlotte, Mrs. TBF’s french teacher and also a guest that evening, had gotten there short before us. We were welcomed with a Kir royal and soon after that, the last two guests, Chris and Hanspeter, arrived. It’s nice to meet new people, especially because TBF’s always manage to bring together a group that fits well. We chatted a while and were then called to be seated at a perfectly set table.

The Big Finn’s are not only wonderful hosts, but also excellent cooks. We were treated to following (Mrs. TBF: Please correct me if needed):

  • a plate of three different cold amuse-bouches: fresh fig wrapped in parma ham, a chilled green pea soup with crabfish and a lentil salad delicately seasoned with truffle oil
  • a delicious warm pie filled with walnuts, goat’s cheese and caramelised endives served with greens (are you drooling, too?)
  • Pasta with a creamy crab meat sauce and freshly grated parmesan
  • Coquelet (or cornish hen) with young season vegetable
  • Young and old pecorino cheese with a touch of honey served with pear bread
  • Mrs. TBF’s yummy prune pie
  • Chocolates and coffee

Now is THAT a menu, or what?!! And the wines that accompanied this scrumptious meal (you must all be jealous by now) were a very nice Chilean white with the first 3 courses, a red wine from Washington with the main course (sorry,but I can’t remember the names), and finally an Amarone (my personal favorite wine). Now you surely understand why the TBF’s start planning early. We haven’t eaten so well (or so much) in ages!

We ended up all feeling pretty good (the wines maybe??), chatting away, comparing feet (yup, that’s right) and joking around until we realized that it was already 4 am. As usual, OrangeX and I were the last to leave. We called a taxi, drove home and went (as straight as possible) to bed. We got up at 10:30 this morning feeling a bit tired still, but going over the wonderful meal in our minds again and still laughing at the fun evening at TBF’s. Thank you so much! Next time will be our turn.

Pictures will follow as soon as Blogger will let me. Hopefully it won't take all evening! *Sigh*


Did we have fun or what?

OrangeX is really enjoying the company.

... And so is King (Charlotte and I took good care of him)

Hanspeter and Chris relaxing after dinner

It's getting late...

Who, us?? Never!

Charlotte demonstrated how to prove to the cops that you are still capable of driving. Really??!!

And the finale, just before we left.

We'd have much more, but I don't want to overload blogger ;-)

Till next time.


Expat Traveler said...

yum that does sound incredible. Blogger was acting up for me earlier but luckily with my mac I just dragged and dropped the pic in and adjusted the size afterwards. Not perfect, but good enough .

Oh man, your night sounded wonderful. I had pizza and coke, haha added with bruised knees and lots of sweeping. You've got one tired me and a birthday boy relaxing...

Oh and by the way, we gotta know the wines so we can try em too!

CanadianSwiss said...

I'll make sure I get the names of the wines form TBF :-)

We really had a great time. Tried blogger again, but it's still acting crazy. Just check in again either later this evening or tomorrow. Hope it's fixed by then. Have some really funny picts :-)

Why bruised knees?? Been scrubbin' the floors?

Mrs. TBF said...

Your recollection of the menu is perfect. The white wine was a 2002 Chilean Chardonnay called Errazuriz, the red was 2001 Columbia Crest Reserve Syrah, and the Amerone was Zenato 2001. We had a lot of fun too...but it was tough getting up at 10:15 to play tennis and find there were no courts available when I arrived...should have stayed in bed!!
Thanks again for the gifts...I love the Rome book and I'll be driving TBF crazy for the next 8 1/2 months planning our next trip to Rome!!
It's 10:45 and I think managing to stay awake more than 12 hours was pretty good to bed for me.

Expat Traveler said...

Thanks mrs tfb!!! I'm going to have P look at these wines next time we go.

CS - the pictures were a riot. esp the one with the two of you and tbf coming in with a look of shock or a certain je ne sais quoi... Haha...

YUP I did a lot of scrubbing floors last night, on ice. The type you use with a broom and push the rock to the other end. It's called beginners not getting the hang of it luck. Really it's fine but one knee needs really tlc for the next few days to heal. I can only laugh...


xmichra said...

Excellent pictures! Looks very yummy, and like you all had a blast!

Rob7534 said...

Fun FUN!

CanadianSwiss said...

Hehe. We did think of you in the morning, Mrs TBF, and wondered if you'd make it to your tennis appointment. And thanks for the clarification on the wines.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow, you guys had almost TOO MUCH fun!

Ginnie said...

These "tellings" are always so fun and inspirational to me, CS. I smile all the way through them, I drool, and I get a kick out of your living life to the fullest. You have gotta be one of the best friends anyone would ever want to have. It's written all over you! (And I'm just saying it 'cuz it's true!)

Orange-X said...

Thanks for the compliment Ginnie. We do live life to the max! Our rule: Enjoy while it lasts and whenever you can ;-)

Mr. Fab: never too much fun for us! It's like "standard procedure" to us :-)

Tim Rice said...

Man! That was some feast you described. My taste buds would be celebrating. It was fun reading.

Babsbitchin said...

That was a beautiful presentation of food, fun and friends...why life's worth living.

CanadianSwiss said...

Babs- You're absolutely right.